How Much Do Music Producers Make? (Salary & Royalties)

I often get asked how much money music producers make. This post answers this question and covers the truth About the music business.

Are you curious about the financial side of music production? Are you interested in learning how much money you can make as a music producer? Look no further!

In this blog post, I will answer your questions about how much money music producers make. I’ll also tell you the truth about the music business so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is a good career for you. So read on and learn everything you need to know about making money as a music producer!

How much money do music producers make? The payscale they list ranges from the low end of $29,000 to the high end of $99,000. However, this range varies widely depending on factors such as expertise and industry. And your earnings as a producer will be affected by several variables.

Image of a music producer wearing a headphone while recording a music. Source: rodnae productions, pexels
Image of a music producer wearing a headphone while recording a music. Source: Rodnae Productions, Pexels

What is a music producer?

A music producer, also called a “record producer,” works with musicians to oversee how their recordings are made. They apply everything they’ve learned about music and technology to create new, high-quality rhythms, harmonies, genres, structures, and lyrics. Many producers concentrate on the production process to make music for other singers.

A producer often works with the artists and musicians to ensure that the whole recording has the same sound and vibe. They will also talk to the many technicians and studio supervisors who will be important in getting the music recorded. The music producer may provide creative input and ideas about the arrangement or composition.

The sound, the order of songs on albums, and the release of singles are all things that producers oversee. They look at an artist’s songs and suggest which ones should be played on the radio or changed to fit a certain audience.

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How do producers make money?

A music producer’s major source of revenue is, unsurprisingly, music creation. Still, a producer may choose from a wide variety of revenue streams. The following are examples of some of these:

  • Producing and marketing instrumental samples for sale.
  • Participating in recording sessions as a freelancer.
  • To aid another musician or producer, also known as “ghost producing,.”
  • Music Licensing.
  • Merchandise sales

How much can you earn as a music producer?

The median income for a music producer is $50,986 in the United States, as reported by Payscale gives a salary range that begins at $29,000 and goes up to $99,000. Nonetheless, this spectrum varies greatly depending on factors such as specialization and sector.

It’s important to note that several factors will influence how much you make as a producer. Though there will always be exceptions on both sides, this provides a solid starting point for analysis.

several factors will influence how much you make as a producer

Zip Recruiter has a slightly higher average salary, at $89,628. This is after considering both very high and very low salaries, which can reach $371,500 in the worst case. They estimate that the average salary for a music producer is about $37,000, which is an impressive sum but is certainly not out of reach.

How much does a music producer make per song?

As a music producer, your earnings can range from $200 to $3,000 per song, depending on your experience, the client’s budget, and a variety of other criteria. The artist will be paid a sum determined via negotiation.

Payment may be made either hourly or for a set amount. Usually, a music producer will ask for 2–5% of the album’s earnings. Depending on your reputation, you may be able to get extra money on top of the normal costs.

Image of music producers in front of a computer and fixing the synthesizer. Source: cottonbro studio, pexels
Image of music producers in front of a computer and fixing the synthesizer. Source: Cottonbro Studio, Pexels

What factors affect a music producer’s salary?

A music producer’s earnings and how much work they get may be affected by the following:

  • Location: Moving to a place with more recording studios and artists can make finding work and making connections easier. Big cities offer better opportunities for success for music producers. Many successful musicians work and live in major music cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.
  • Royalties: When a music producer’s work is well received and sells well, they are rewarded financially. Royalties are paid to producers based on a percentage of record sales or streaming revenue based on an agreement between the parties involved. Royalties depend on how well the song or album does and are set by the contract between the artist and the record label.
  • Number of clients: As an independent producer, your income may depend on how many customers you bring in. Customers pay fees and royalties and add to your revenue. Having more customers and publishing more material will increase your income. If you bring in new clients or write hit songs and albums, your employer—a production company or a record label—may compensate you financially.
  • Experience: Whether or not you make much money as a music producer depends on your degree of expertise and reputation. Most well-known music producers want their performers to pay for advances and other costs. Producers with a track record of hits and top 10 singles may demand higher fees from artists and their managers. On the other hand, aspiring producers may work for free or low salaries on demos or internships before breaking out independently.

If you want even more tips and insights, watch this video called “How Do Music Producers Make Money? GRAMMY® Winning Producer Explains” from the Full Circle Music YouTube channel.

A video called “How Do Music Producers Make Money? GRAMMY® Winning Producer Explains” from the Full Circle Music YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you still have questions? Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about music producer salaries.

Do music producers make good money?

How much money does a music producer usually make? In 2022, the average annual salary for a music producer was $ 32,379. This is just a rough estimate, so keep that in mind.

Is music production a good career?

There are many benefits to working in music production, such as getting to know other artists and working in a place that inspires you. However, since many people are involved in the music production process and many different tasks are involved in making a song, there are usually many job openings for each music project.

Is it hard to be a music producer?

Many obstacles make it tough to make a living as a music producer. The first is the time commitment required to improve your music to a point where it is ready for public consumption. In addition, producing music involves complexities that take time to learn, both in theory and practice.

Who gets paid more, the producer or the artist?

However, musicians continue to make more money than record labels since their share of royalties is bigger. On top of that, they may use the document in infinite ways to generate income. A musician’s ability to earn money is tied to the success of a performance.


Your potential earnings as a music producer may be capped by the number of hours you are willing to work for monetary compensation. However, there is truly no limit if more revenue streams are included. You may be able to charge tens of thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands, of dollars annually.

This article covered what music producer is, what they do, and how much money they typically make. Here are some key takeaways:

Key takeaways

  • A music producer, also called a “record producer,” works with musicians to oversee how their recordings are made.
  • A music producer is responsible for many things, such as recording music, suggesting changes to the tracks, directing vocal parts, and mixing.
  • In the music industry, songwriting is considered a key element in the songwriting process.

So, are you ready for a career in music? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below (I read and reply to every comment). If you found this article helpful, check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on music production. Thanks for reading, and never stop making music.

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