Tyler, The Creator, IGOR Album Review

I highly recommend Tyler, The Creator's "IGOR" to anyone who wants a break from the monotony of contemporary music.

Tyler, The Creator’s latest album release, “IGOR,” is a musical delight that will leave your soul wanting more. From the onset, Tyler The Creator’s “IGOR” attacks your senses with its musical onslaught. Layers of instruments are abundant, creating this blanket that wraps your mind and immerses you in an experience only Tyler can create.

The title track, “Igor’s Theme,” comes in hard with well-placed drums and arpeggiated synths. Unfortunately, the undertone of gritty pads leed-through and helps to smack you in the face with a wall of sound.

Igor’s Theme.

Moving on to “EARFQUAKE,” the album has a more melodic tone. Utilizing beautiful vocals and fantastic melodies, this song lets you know that this is not your father’s Tyler. As an artist, Tyler has evolved into his wound, taking a page out of recent releases such as Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love.” Instead, Tyler seems to have a multi-layered experimental approach.


The album takes you through a range of emotions, from a dance vibe with “I Think” to a super gritty track titled “NEW MAGIC WAND.” This album pulls no punches, and you better be ready for an eclectic musical ride.

New Magic Wand.

I highly recommend Tyler, The Creator’s “IGOR” to anyone who wants a break from the monotony of contemporary music. I look at this album as a palate cleanser because you will hear something new each time you take a sten. The variety of tracks and timbre changes helps keep you on your toes. The song arrangement keeps you wanting more, and the lyrics provide introspection. Give his album a listen!

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Tyler, the creator, sticks his tongue out.
A boy is a gun.


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