Wu-tang Clan, Enter the Wu-tang (36 Chambers) Album Review

This group of exceptionally talented and uniquely styled emcees came out swinging with their first album. Enter the Wu—This is WuTang Clan.

Wu-tang clan, enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) album review | 71bubwtvyhl. Sl1500 | audio apartment

Although over 26 years old, Enter the Wu-tang (36 Chambers), aka 36 Chambers, remains a display of what talent and creativity with limited resources can give you; raw and unadulterated street music. 36 Chambers is a must-listen-to with the RZA’s gritty instrumentals and each MC delivering razor-sharp lyrics.

As the album starts with “Bring da Ruckus,” the tone is set: Wu-tang will deliver dirty music in your face. With the hard snares and deep kicks, the RZA brings a style that was not seen beforehand. 36 Chambers changed the game and brought a new style into play that has since evolved.

Enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) album review 2019 audio apartment
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into something greater. It’s not all hardcore beats though, with the super smooth silky bass line of “Can it be that it was all so simple?” With Raekwon and Ghostface Killah laying down witty lyrics and the filtered guitar in the background, it is easy to fall into a trance as these two members of the Wu work their magic.

Enter the Wu-Tang – Bring Da Ruckus

Moving along with the album’s theme of “street” music is the track entitled “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’Wit.” The instrumental is as hard and gritty as anything the RZA has ever made, and with the chanting of the RZA, Inspectah Deck, and Method Man, the song’s energy reaches a fevered pitch.

Enter the Wu-Tang – Can It Be All So Simple

If you give Enter the Wu-tang (36 Chambers) a listen, it will be clear to see how much the album influenced hip-hop in the ’90s and countless other MCs and producers. This is my go-to album to get into the “zone.”


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Wu-tang clan, enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) album review | 71bubwtvyhl. Sl1500 | audio apartment
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