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Gear Review Korg microKORG S

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We all know finding a quality product at an affordable price is hard to come by. But Korg is throwing this old standard out the window with the Korg microKORG S. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Micro Korg S, and why it might be your new favorite controller.

Gear review korg microkorg s - source - audio apartment

Korg has been known to deliver great products at affordable prices and the Korg microKORG S might be the best bang for your buck that they offer. So without further ado, let’s get right into it as we break down the Korg microKORG S.

Gear review korg microkorg s - korg microkorg s - audio apartment

The Sound

Although there have been many iterations of design, the Micro Korg sound module has stayed the same. Everything you need for funk, soul, EDM, and hip-hop remain. The bass has a wide range that will fill in any holes in your production. And with the ability to tweak any sound with the filters and fully operational oscillators the possibilities are endless with finding the right sound for you.

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The Design

The Korg microKORG S’s is a testament to a new age (clean feel) look. With it’s all white front and wood finish on the sides, the Korg S holds its own in any environment and looks good doing it. All the angles in the design give a new and tight presentation and the button layout is intuitive. It is a pleasure to use the Korg S and traveling with it is even easier.

Gear review korg microkorg s - audio apartment


The Korg S comes with a built-in vocoder and a gooseneck mic. Want that vintage robotic sound? The vocoder on the Korg S has a wonderful sound that will help any neo-retro sounding track. The Korg S also accepts line-level signals, dynamic Mic input and equipped with 48v power. The versatility is seen throughout this little powerhouse and the amount of sounds will make this a centerpiece in your workflow.

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The Korg S is beautiful in the way it looks and sounds. It has a ton of features and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The only drawback is the lack of USB MIDI but all in all you can’t go wrong with a portable analog sound. I would recommend this piece to anyone looking to make music with limited space or to anyone who is looking to have the portability that creates freedom in your work.

Check out this demo of the Korg microKORG s.

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